Hospital Bag for Baby

Hospital Bag for Baby

Unsure on what to pack in your newborn baby’s labour bag with the big day not far away? Well look no further this blog will be full of must haves in your baby’s bag. It is always advised to have your hospital bag packed during your third trimester. Your little one may arrive earlier than you expect. 

1. Babygrows

Some hospital policies can vary on what newborns can be dressed in so it is always advised to chat to your doctor as to what you can pack. It is always advised to purchase the babygrows that fasten up at the front.

2. Socks and booties

Your newborn can get cold very easily so it is always advised to add to what the hospital provides in terms of layers. Even during your skin to skin contact your newborn can wear a hat and socks.

3. Blanket

The hospital is more than likely to provide you with blankets, however a blanket bought from home is always good to have during your skin on skin contact. It will also be handy to keep your little one warm for the journey home.

4. Nappies

It is advised to take nappies in your baby’s hospital bag for the duration of your stay. A newborn baby could go through between 10-12 nappies a day.

5. Wipes or cotton wool balls

A newborns baby is very sensitive so it is always advised to use these and water to begin with. However you can use sensitive baby wipes.

6. muslin squares

They can be draped over your shoulder to catch any dribble from your baby.

7. Going home outfit

Depending on the weather you will want to pack an outfit to suit. A bodysuit, booties and a hat could will be fine during the summer. However during the winter months pack mittens and a jacket/snowsuit. It is always advised that thick coats, jackets or snowsuits should all be removed before putting your baby in the car seat for safety reasons.

Depending on what you’re planning to take it always a good idea to have a bag a similar size to a large gym bag. However if you’re having twins it may be a good idea to take more than the one bag. Some people like to take separate bags. One for mum, one for the partner and one for your baby as it make’s it easier to find everything

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Hospital Bag for Baby