Winter Pregnancy Tips

Winter Pregnancy Tips

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The cold winter nights are upon us. So here is a blog with some winter pregnancy tips in order to stay healthy throughout the winter months.

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layer up

With being pregnant your body temperature will fluctuate with being hot and cold. In order to battle this in the winter months is to make you sure you have lots of layers, this will allow you to keep warm but also take layers off if you become cold. This is the easiest way of regulating your body temperature.

Stay Hydrated

It is super important to stay hydrated throughout the winter months. If you have lots of layers on and your body temperature is warm you will need to keep the fluids flowing. In fact the recommended amount is 1.6 litres.

Dry Skin

During the cold winter months it is not out of the norm for your skin to become dryer. It’s always a good idea to get yourselves a lovely moisturiser to keep your skin in tip top condition. 

Good Nutrition

It is super important during the winter months. Having lots of friut and veg in your diet can really boost your immune system and help your body fight off those infections. We often hear alot of mummies have homemade soup!

Stay Active

doing lots of regular exercise has lots of health benefits and ultimately strengthen your immune system. Not only is good for your physical well being but it also has lots of mental health benefits. It is recommended that walking and swimming are great ways to exercise throughout your pregnancy.

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