Your baby’s development: 0-3 months

Your baby’s development: 0-3 months

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Throughout the first three months of your bundle of joy being here they’ll be growing and developing a lot. Throughout this blog we will be writing about your baby’s development and what you can expect.

Your Baby's Development

With your new baby here like any parent you’re going to want to make sure your baby is healthy and growing well. After doing some research is is completely fine for your newborn baby to lose 6% to 7% of their body weight within the first weeks. 

Every newborn baby is completely unique. Some babies may eat and sleep more, whereas others can be very awake and alert however some can also be very fussy and upset.


Throughout the first six months of your little ones life they will get all the nutrients they require from breast milk or formula. It is advised that babies should only begin eating solids when they’re about six months old.


Your newborn baby will have their first immunusations when they’re eight weeks old. Then their booster will follow at 12 weeks and then 16 weeks.


Every Newborn baby is different when it comes to how settled they are. However during the first three months you can expect your baby to wake up throughout the night for feeds. As they have such small tummy’s they will need to feed little and often.

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A newborn baby typically do cry a lot. This can be down to several reasons whether they’re hungry or tired, however it is hard to know. It is always handy to go through a checklist of likely causes which will allow you to find out what is wrong effectively.

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Baby care

Throughout this period of your little ones life it is advised that you don’t need to wash your baby daily. Bathing your baby three or four times a week more than enough, however a bath can become an enjoyable part of the bedtime routine.  It is also advised that you don’t need to add any products into the bath water, plain water is best throughout the first month of your baby being here.

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