Springer Spaniel Photography Portrait

Springer Spaniel Photography Portrait

During October we had the pleasure of welcoming Rex into the studio for his Dog Photography session. Rex is a 7 month old working English springer spaniel, he is on a farm daily so he was right at home at our studio. 

Springer Spaniel Photography

We headed straight outside with Rex, the late morning made for some stunning lighting and Rex did not disappoint in front of the camera. Rex has the most unique but beautiful marking, he has one patch on his eye with the rest of him white. A real pleasure to photograph and we captured some beautiful portraits.

I can highly recommend Darren, recently I attended a dog photo shoot with my puppy (working gun dog). Darren was warm and welcoming and took the time to get to understand what I was after from the shoot. He Truly captured the magical bound that I have with my puppy and has taken some amazing photos which fitted in with our life style. Making myself and my puppy feed relaxed, it was a truly enjoyable experience.

English springer spaniel's

The English Springer Spaniel was developed as a gun dog to flush, or spring, game in the field. An athletic and versatile dog that is well known for participating in agility, hunt tests, tracking, obedience trails.

Springer Spaniel’s are named “springer” for the way they “spring” at game to flush it for the hunter. They are smart and eager to please and extremely enthusiastic. A really happy and perfect family dog. You shouldn’t worry about them being around children as their temperament is brilliant. They are also good with other pets in the household, even small ones, however they may see pet birds as prey since they’re bred to hunt.