What to expect in a newborn Portrait session

What to expect in a newborn Portrait session

When you arrive for your Newborn Portrait session

When you arrive for your newborn portrait session, you can expect a warm welcome. We completely understand that it has been a rollercoaster ride and you might be tired. In the studio it is a warm and relaxing environment. We have sofas, bathroom facilities and refreshments ready for a magical session.

Having a range of blankets, props and accessories for you to pick from will allow us to create the most amazing wall art that will hang beautifully on your wall for years to come.

Oxfordshire Newborn Photographer

What to bring for your newborn portraits

Before you arrive for your newborn portrait session there are just a few things we advise to bring. Just bring whatever milk they may be on, a dummy if they have one at all, a blanket from home to wrap them in whilst they feed or cuddle. We find that they feed a lot more during sessions. The studio is warmer in and the milk tends to keeps them cool and comforts them.

We always advise for you to feed your baby before coming and then upon arrival if they need a top up. By doing this it will give us a deep sleep allowing us to create some photography magic. The session is always led by the baby. Some sessions will take longer depending on how settled your little one is.

oxfordshire newborn photography

Oxfordshire Newborn photography
Oxfordshire Newborn photography

Bringing siblings/family

We absolutely love meeting the family. If you have other children by all means bring them along. It is one of our most popular shots of the children together. In terms of clothing for them we always say simple neutral colours works best as we have lots of different outfits for the baby we can work with.

Depending on how settled your baby is the sessions can take up to three hours. We understand for younger siblings this can be a long time. Parents will being them for either the first or last part of the session, however they are more then welcome to come for the whole session.

Ordering Session

After your session will get you back in a few weeks, this will allow us to create a magical cinematic viewing of your beautiful portraits. We will look through your portraits and help you choose the perfect wall art to hang in your home for years to come.

We hope you enjoyed our blog on what to expect in a newborn portrait session.