Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier may have been bred to be a ferocious pit-fighter, but you’d never know it today. The little American Gentleman, as he was called in the 19th century is definitely a lover, not a fighter. They’re known for being very intelligent, they have lots of energy and are extremely loveable. However, they can get in trouble with owners for their stubborn nature of bursts of hyperactivity.

Size and life

Height – 12 to 15 inches tall

Weight – 10 to 15 pounds

Life Span – 13 to 15 years

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quick facts

  • As Boston Terrier’s has shorter noses they can’t cool the air going into their lungs as efficiently as longer nosed breeds, this results in them being more prone to heat stress. Due to the Boston Terrier having a short coat they don’t like extremely cold weather.
  • As the Boston Terrier can have respiratory problems, it is advised to avoid pulling on their collar to get them to go where you want.
  • Due to the Boston Terrier having large and prominent eyes they’re more like to suffer from corneal ulcers. Just be extra cautious whilst playing with them and out walking.
  • The Boston terrier can be very gassy sometimes, depending on their diet. If you’re not keen on a gassy dog then they may not be for you.
  • Because of their short noses, they do often snort, drool and snore! Yes they may even snore louder than your partner!
  • While Boston Terriers are typically quiet, gentle dogs, not prone to yappiness or aggression, males can be scrappy around other dogs that they feel are invading their territory.
  • The Boston Terrier can be a stubborn dog, so being persistent and consistent are positive whilst in the training period. They’re very sensitive to the tone of your voice and it’s often seen that punishment can make them shut down, so when you’re training it should be low-key and motivational. It is always recommended crate-training while housetraining your Boston Terrier.
Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier


The Boston Terrier is a lively dog, however he doesn’t have huge exercise requirements. When they’re indoors they’re fairly inactive and they suit owners with an apartment or don’t have a garden. They do love going for a walk with you or playing with you in the garden, but is definitely not one to complain about being inside the warm house sleeping!

In terms of grooming they’re easy to maintain. Just one brush a week with a firm bristle brush and bath them with dry powder shampoo and a damp cloth. Due to their large eyes it is advisable to clean their faces daily to check them for redness or irritation. When brushing their teeth this should be done twice a week, avoiding the build up of plaque and bacteria. His ears should be checked weekly for redness or a bad odour, which can indicate an infection. When you check your dog’s ears, wipe them out with a cotton ball dampened with gentle pH-balanced ear cleaner.

It is the perfect family dog! The Boston Terrier loves children and will have loads of fun playing with them! They’re small enough that when playing it won’t hurt the children, but big enough that it won’t get easily hurt! If you socialize them well from an early age they will live well with other pets.

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