Fun things to do while pregnant

Fun things to do while pregnant

Well the most exciting time is here, growing a human inside you is the most amazing thing. Here are some fun things to do while pregnant. That will keep the mind, body, and soul invigorated – in all the right ways!

Go on a Babymoon

A Babymoon is a must if you can, even if it’s a trip to somewhere local or day trips make sure you do as many as you can. However, if you’re in a position to take a long babymoon then it is a must! Start by making a list of the places that sound fun to you, like the beach, the countryside, a boat ride, a museum, a festival. Spend quality time with your partner.

Maternity Shopping

With growing a baby inside you your body will demand a new wardrobe. Feeling confident in your clothes is super important. Maternity clothing has come a long way and you can get some beautiful clothing to feel super amazing in.

Write Down Baby Names

This is fun exercise to do with your partner, it takes some time to get the perfect name! There are so many wonderful options out there, you can always go traditional and name them after a family member. We always say keep the name to yourself as everyone will have an opinion and this will only throw you off.

Decorate the Nursery

Now that your energy levels are through the roof it would be the best time to get your nursery in perfect shape. We always advise against leaving it until your third trimester as you’ll be really tired. By doing it now you’ll be able to take your time and get it the exact way you want it, the right paint colour, the right crib, he right finishing touches.

Try Swimming

We often hear from our customers that swimming made them feel lighter and was great for light exercises without putting in strain your body. It is really beneficial if your joints are sore and you’re coming towards the end of your pregnancy. Most pools have dedicated time slots for pregnancy swims, they’re either just women sessions or quieter pool times.

Pamper yourself and have a pregnancy massage

Go get yourself booked into a spa day! Your sense of smell might be heightened so some smells might turn your nose the other way but you can always ask for scent-free oils and other pregnancy-safe treatments. It will help you beat the stress and calm the mood swings. Also, it helps to keep looking great and glowing!

ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Massage – Bannatyne Spa

Paint your Belly

Paint your belly whatever you want, a watermelon, the world, an emoji? Get your partner involved it gives great bonding time between you both. don’t forget to take plenty of photos of the process and the final art piece. If you’re looking for something amazing then you can always ask an artist if they would paint something for you!


We’re sure you won’t get much sleep when your bundle of joy arrives, you’ll have a lot of broken sleep during the night, taking naps during the day. Take this quiet time to sleep in you comfy place, rest is important whilst pregnant you’re growing a human inside of you so make sure you get lots of rest and don’t feel guilty for sleeping lots.

At the top of the fun things to do list, should of course be having a maternity portrait with us. Celebrating your bump and a beautiful time of pregnancy. 

Book a maternity Photorgaphy Session

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