Newborn Baby Facts

Newborn Baby Facts

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Are you interested in some Newborn baby facts? Throughout this blog I will be writing some facts that you may not know about Newborn’s.

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Newborn babies have no kneecaps

A newborn baby are born and their knee caps aren’t fully developed, in fact they aren’t fully developed until 6 months of age. When they first enter the big wide world they just have cartilage which forms the structure of their knee.

Babies are born with 300 bones

Another interesting fact is that babies have almost 50% more bones than we have as adults. Obviously the bones do eventually fuse together creating just the one bone. However when they’re first born they are separate.

Lots of taste buds

A newborn baby has approximately three times the amount of taste buds that we do as adults. In fact they have around 10,000! 

Changing eye colour

Another interesting fact is that all babies are believed to be born with blue eyes. Their true colour doesn’t appear till around six months old. There is a part of the eye that takes longer to fully develop.

Newborn Babies have birth marks

People often believe that birth marks are out of the norm, however they’re totally normal. 80% of babies are born with a particular birth mark, the most common types are ‘stork bite or a ‘port wine stain.’ Most birth marks are caused by small blood vessels underneath the the skin that become dilated during labour and they usually disappear after a few years.

Babies have lots of tastebuds

Babies do in fact have three times the amount of taste buds that adults have. They have around 10,000! Our little bundle of joys start to develop taste buds around their mouth during the last trimester of the pregnancy. We have read that some researchers suggest that you start eating an array of different foods during the third trimester in order to help pass the varied tastes onto your little one. By doing this it may result in less fussy infants when they start the weaning process.