Dog Photoshoot tips to help you prepare for the session

Dog Photoshoot tips to help you prepare for the session
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Dog photography sessions are tailored to your wonderful pooch. This blog with provide you with Dog photoshoot tips in preparation to allow us to create some photography magic and the best photos of your dog.

Nervous, reactive or excitable we’ve had them all in. We have had lots of experience dealing with them however there are some things you can do before the big day in order to make sure both you and your dog feels prepared and at ease. 

Perfectly groomed or au natural?

When it comes to grooming there is no right or wrong. It is completely down to you whether you would like your dog to beautifully groomed then don’t forget to book a grooming session beforehand. A recommendation that we personally use is Muddy mudtz

We do recommend doing it a couple of days before so your dog doesn’t have too much going on in one day. On the other hand you may want to bring your pooch along in all their natural beauty. 

Collars, leads and accessories

Whether you want your dog to be wearing a sentimental collar in the photos, or maybe a bandana. Whatever you would like your dog to wear on the day, we’d love for you to bring it along. Some dog’s might be perfect off the lead, some aren’t and that is perfectly fine. We have a special black lead that we use throughout the shoot which we photoshop out as if the lead was never there. However we can’t photoshop out harnesses and collars, so when we get to the shoot we will just swap onto our lead. We have a lot of experience working with dogs so we know just how to get their wonderful character out on the day creating portraits you can cherish for years to come.

go for a long walk before

We always reccomend to take your dog for a walk before the session. By taking them for a walk it will burn off any excess energy they may have so when they get to the session they’re nice and relaxed.


A Photography session is out of the norm for a dog, even if they’re the perfect poser on your phone. The session will bring a whole new experience and being on a country manor estate all the smells that come with it. When you first arrive we have 10 minutes of exploring the area and getting your dog used to the conditions. This will allow them to quickly settle in and enjoy the attention allowing us to create stunning portraits.

Feed your dog

Obviously this depends on your dogs dietry requirements, it is always a good idea to give your dog a light meal before the the session. During the session w use plenty of treats to reward and motivate them which allows us to capture beautiful images, however if they’re too full they may become sleepy and not interested in the treats. We always get you involved throughout the session, it can be anything from moving or holding them in position. By being hungry it will allow us to use their treats in order to get them to do what we want.

What to bring on the day

Are you wondering what to bring to your dog photography session? All we ask is to bring a lead and collar just to keep control to begin with. We always say to bring anything the love, this can be their favourite treats or toy. By having these will allow us to use them to focus their attention whilst creating stunning portraits.