The easiest ways to clean your dogs teeth

The easiest ways to clean your dogs teeth

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Dental disease is a very common disease in dogs, in fact it is only second to ear infections. Cleaning your dogs teeth is super important to reduce the chance of dental disease and should always be included in their grooming routine. Throughout this blog I will list I will list some of the best and easiest ways to clean their teeth. 

A toothbrush and Toothpaste

This is one of the most effective ways to to clean your dogs teeth. It is the way we clean Dexters everyweek. 

There are two main brusg types available – 

  1. A finger toothbrush, like Logic Oral Hygeine Gel for Dogs with a Finger Brush
  2. A double ended toothbrush with different sized heads for their front and back teeth. A product similar to this Beaphar Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit.

From our experience with Dexter he seems to really like the taste of the logic gel so it makes brushing his teeth nice and easy. I always recommend checking out the Blue Cross website for information on brushing their teeth. They do some brilliant tutorials on there.



Another recommended way to keep your dogs teeth clean is by using toys that get their teeth working. Chew toys are definitely the way to go in fact any of the Kong toys are superb. They encourage your dog to chew and you can also fill them with treats as a reward aswell. Dexter absolutely loves his Kong chew toys, his favourite is the Kong Rope toy. It also encourages play with the rope aspect aswell which is an added bonus.

Coconut Oil

Have you been looking for something more natural?

Through research coconut oil makes the perfect natural teeth cleaner, it has antimicrobial properties. This aids with eliminating the harmful bacteria that lives in your dogs mouth. By using coconut oil it can reduce the plaque build up and ultimately avoid dental disease.


For more information on coconut oil check click here.

Dental Treats

Dental treats are another way of keeping your dogs teeth clean, they do help remove plaque however if you use some of the steps above to reduce the build up of plaque then you won’t reply heavily on dental treats. These are Dexters favourite treats, and the added bonus is that they do big boxes.


The one negative of Dental treats is that they’re high in calories.